Bookshelf: Boring to Exciting in 5 mins!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Before we moved into our house, my husband used it as his bachelor pad. I'm not going into the details, but you can imagine how exciting a mechanical engineer with his love focused on cars would keep the house. 
Here' s a basic BEFORE & AFTER styling of our bookshelf. Please do note, I have jut played around with things I already had and some hand me downs from our family. The bookends were our biggest buy for this area. I'd like to call this light on the pocket THERAPY- still therapeutic right?


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  1. hi sona

    you got some really cool stuff in here. Ppl do need a room therapist its kinda essential to make things look good and u jst abt do that! ; Looking forward to more tips keep em coming...also heard there's going to be a tv show on the same with u as a host! good luck with this venture



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