Fifty at the Flea {part III}

Thursday, 26 September 2013

21.Pretty Ceramics

what/where/when: You don't need to have a particular use in mind while buying these

22. Little Things

where/when/what: there is always something your little one

23.  Rossette Moulding

where/when/what: I had a few ideas, however we like your inputs and ideas
go here to enter our contest

24. Handprinted Art

where/what/when: you don't have to spend millions to buy good looking art, these pretty hand printed animals, would make a great treat to your eyes on any wall

25. Handprinted Art Again

where/what/when: these can even go into your bathroom without loosing any lustre. love!

26. Antique Tin Boxes

where/what/when: its always a great idea to have pretty storage

27. Handprinted Art

where/what/when: how often do you find hand mirrors any more, grab them when you see them

28. Handmade Art Prints

where/what/when: wall decor

29.  Bite size Planters

where/what/when: not really bite size but cute enough to adorn your kitchen or bathroom or even your coffee table

29.  BuckWheat Pillows

where/what/when: how fun is that?

30.  Colourful Rugs

where/what/when: hang on your wall if not on your floor

31.  Old Maps

where/what/when: its such a great conversation starter when up in a living room wall

29.  Art

where/what/when:there's always a ton of that {much better option than stocking up on IKEA prints}

29.  Concept Ceramics

where/what/when: use these animal/city themes ceramics by your bedside table or on your office desk. love the pastel shades

30.  Ceramics with Attitude

where/what/when: great table decor

and the last 15 will be up tomorrow

Contest ONE!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Want these cushions from our Charminar collection?

 This is the first time we are having a contest and we are thrilled. Its quiet simple. Send in your answers to or just go to our facebook page and leave us a msg there.

This was one of my favorite flea finds this last weekend. Tell us how you would use it apart from putting it back on a ceiling. Send in your answers by Sunday, September 29, 2013*

what is it? : Rossette Moulding made of plaster
Dimensions: 3'diameter

* NO CONDITIONS APPLY!! {always, always wanted to use the *}
{well, maybe one tiny one- you get to choose two cushions out of the four}
(this contest is only for participants from India)

Fifty at the Flea {part II}

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Continued from yesterday....

11. Hand Painted Jars

where/what/when: I would use them to store jewelery or just adorn by book shelf

12. Toy Car- Antique/Junk

where/what/when: its just really cool, beacuse of how old it is. I'm sure we can find use for it. Just on top of my head- use it in the garden or balcony around planters and put a flowerpot in it as well

13. Mason Jars.

where/what/when: you do get them in stores, however- the prices here are a steal. Pintrest has a whole bunch of ideas that you can test

14. Distressed Door

where/what/when: old doors converted into shelves. Absolutely love the textures on some of them.

15. Rustic Bench
where/what/when: for your balcony, garden, living- where ever you want to sit

16. Signage Inspiartions
where/what/when: have a store, garage sale, pop up restaurant- use this idea for your signage

17. Rustic Table and Buckets

where/what/when: again, great as an outdoor bar counter and use the buckets for cold beer or trash or simply convert them into planters

18. Copper Fire Extinguisher
where/what/when: umbrella stand/planter

19.Painted Mirror

where/what/when: for the wall in your bar; if you need to quickly throw on that red lipstick- you could use this mirror too

20. Frames

where/what/when:  again, one of my favorite accessory. Make a set and put them up by them selves or put pictures or art or I'd say pluck some favorite pages of your favorite novel and frame away!

coming up tomorrow.....

more flea finds!

Fifty at the Flea {part I}

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fifty of my favorite flea finds.

This last weekend I happened to be at one of Brooklyn's Saturday flea market. I wish I could bring half of them back. Look at these amazing finds and tell me you don't want to be a flea market junkie as well. I am going to do 10 a day- just so that we can both enjoy them one at a time.

    1. Sculpted Plant Hangers

where/what/how: hang them in your kitchen or balcony, need to be dipped in a bowl once a week to keep them fresh and pretty.

 click here for more details:BK BUMPKIN 

2. Industrial Table

where/what/when: I would use this by my couch/bed, display a great looking piece of sculpture on it

 3. Old Frames with Art

where/what/when: instant touch of vintage in your house

4. Antiques

where/what/when: camera from the 60's, tire ashtray- which was made popular Goodyear back in the day, old dialer telephone

 5.Wooden Letters

where/what/when: hang then with your pictures, buy all 26 and teach your kids alphabets or decorate their rooms or just paint them and leave your initials on a coffee table

 6. Rocking Chair

where/what/when: well apart from sitting on it, it can just make a cozy corner double cozy. Change the upholstery or paint it a different colour for a new look 

click here for more details: Torch & Crown

 7. Ladder Stands
where/what/when: put them in your bathroom to hang towels or use as a book rack or a stand.

love love love this one!

 8.Fancy Victorian Dressing Table

where/what/when: I would use it in my foyer or just outside my bathroom. What not to love with a piece of furniture with a mirror and storage right?

 9. Steel Straws for Mason Jars

where/what/when: sip on water all day, guess what: they are dishwasher safe too.

 10 .Decorative Jar & Lid

where/what/when: could be just decorative or used as a vase.  Click here for inspiration.

Will be back with TEN more FLEA FINDS tomorrow. 

For all those lucky people who live in and around Brooklyn, don't forget to check out brooklynflea. For the rest of us in India and other places, we are happy to get inspired! Aren't we?

Real Style

Thursday, 19 September 2013

  “Be faithful to your own taste, 
because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” 
Billy Baldwin 

I cant agree more. I think this house reeks of CHARACTER.  

Presenting to you, the house tour of a bohemian blogger.

I learnt a new line from one of my favorite TV shows. Instead of; " the end"- they say "Goooo to bed" (don't mind me when I use this line next time)

go to bed!