Lessons from Greece.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Here's an early new year resolution in practice. Yea! I might just be back to blogging more regularly.  

More Post Therapy. 

More Post Therapy- has a couple of different meanings a.I am back after child birth and baby duty b. I need therapy (be my guest and read into that statement)  c. i missed you all. Ok, back to business. In between baby duty and a couple of fun projects and running my store we took a small vacation to a gorgeous country last year. Greece, would really be more practical if I was a food blogger. Man the food...I could have just eaten all day everyday and not done anything else. However, I was inspired and hence I brought back some lessons.

don't be afraid of using green in its no filter form

*white*  what a gorgeous colour !

 that's the meaning of distressed


i heart breeze blocks and they have more character than some windows 

  end you're designs in detail

who said pomegranates can't be decor? 

don't under estimate the power of twine/rope/coir 

pipe piper decor

plant in a pot = lbd {for the guys, little black dress aka can't go wrong}

oh bamboo!