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Monday, 18 February 2013

Ever since I started blogging regularly, I realized that I need a home office. And although, I have a decent space I decided to give it a new look since I spend most of my spare time there instead of in front of the TV (I do need to catch up with multiple episodes of Suits though; for those who know what I'm missing). I looked at my office yesterday and knew that a pin up board would help me declutter and help me organize my space so much more. Then I had an idea..... I went shopping to the antique market and bought an old window for 500 Rupees($10) and used it to create my pin up THERAPY!
The advantage with this pin up board is you can close your pin up board to see these antique shutters, which is wall art by itself.

you need: Cork Board,Fabric,Adhesive,Paint,Brush, Wood, Nails & Misc

1. get a frame made with plywood (one that fits the window shutters)
2. cover the cork board with fabric and use adhesive to stick them together, this creates the actual pin up board
3.paint the frame and shutters  (you can paint them 2 different colours if you'd like)
4.attach the cork board wrapped in fabric into the frame
5.use new hinges to fasten the shutters to the newly made frame

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ps: photos by me


  1. I love this.... Going to try and recreate it in my home office! So excited thank you for the DIY tips!

  2. Oooh! love the idea! Also love the things you've pinned up on your boards ;)

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