Tamarind Tree

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Little bit of a detour here, from Jaipur. Tamarind Tree; one of the most beautiful man made location I have experienced till date. These pictures are from one of the events at my wedding. The decor was conceptualized by me and executed to detail by Nefertiti;Bangalore. Although the decor added grace to the venue; the old trees, the wooden pillars, the stone statues, the pond and the lawns are manicured to perfection. This location is a pure example of how natural, local materials used appropriately can do wonders.We didn't have to spend a bomb on the decor either. Marigold is a beautiful,under utilized decor element and we just used them to our hearts content. Loving local THERAPY?!


Photos credit: JosephRicha  & Kalyan. Thank you for these awesome shots!

If you notice the decor its really simple. 

1. Satin cloth knotted thrice in different lengths 
2. Satin cloth tied between the wooden pillars
3. Marigold garlands- used to create the chandelier, used to drape the pillars and just lined along the strairs. 

Most of the Indian viewers know how you can make one. For the others; this is how a Marigold garland is made. 
Disclaimer: Flowers used here are not Marigold

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  1. Wow! I saw some of these pictures on your wall but had no idea you conceptualized it. I'm impressed :) The chandelier is my fav. Just fab!

  2. It's nice to see some interesting set ups with Flowers such as this! A very interesting decoration choice!


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