Oh Doors!

Monday, 25 February 2013

I must have already told you how this week is going to be dedicated to Jaipur. I have always had a certain soft corner for doors. I know its an element we don't often pay attention to; but it can do wonders to how a room looks. Our generation usually likes to be behind close doors, so why not look at a pretty one while we are at it? Yes, my dear lovelies....door THERAPY it is! These pictures are taken by moi and are from the City Palace. I know, you are thinking this would cost more than building a house, but do look at the later pictures where the palace doors can easily be created or bought today. You and I can totally take those home. Remember this? My antique market shopping almost got me one of these gorgeous treats. They cost anything between 2500 Rupees to 75,000 Rupees ($45-$1300). Just be smart about choosing the right one for your space.

this one is made of brass and polished with gold

this door is from the palace; but I could totally use these in my house

sleeper wood doors that look pretty since they have been contrasted with gold bolts and handles

The above doors we can easily get made today that were at Amber Fort centuries ago. Below, here I have some doors that were probably inspired by the ones above but totally for a home today that I found here and there and here too.

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