Restoration: Anokhi Museum

Sunday, 24 February 2013

I am thoroughly hungover. Well, not from the weekend or anything, hungover from all the culture and art and food I had in Jaipur. What a great city? Sigh!!! The good news is I brought a lot of goodies back and this week will be fun. 

Till I put together all the goodness, here's an amazing haveli(mansion) restored and renovated to detail. It is the Anokhi museum now. This dilapidated Chanwar Palkiwon ki Haveli mansion was bought and renovated for 3 years.With the guidance of architects, Nimish Patel & Parul Zaveri, the building is now a piece of art. It has also won a UNESCO award for ‘Cultural Conservation’ in 2000. See here for more details. Local materials, local crafstemen and innovation comes together here. The black and white is a picture of what it was before , that i found here. Rest of the pictures; courtesy moi .... haveli THERAPY!

before the restoration

interiors in pink and green juxtaposed with checkered grey and black flooring

exterior, the cafe and the seating- simple, clean and useful; everything we love


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