Bangalore House

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


what strikes: the amalgamation of old and new in just the right portions
what i love: athangudi tiles (patterned cement tiles are to die for)
what i want to steal from this house: the wood pillars

 spotted this house on: apartment therapy
Name: Karthik V. Location: Bangalore, India Size: 1,420 square feet

Jodhpur Inspired Decor

Sunday, 26 January 2014

This is again a travel log all the way from Jodhpur. The reason I post my travel pictures is mostly because I am inspired by the colours, shapes, designs, textures and these my dear lovelies are the basics of design. 

pictures are all my me!

if you use any of them, please credit it back to me or

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plates on the wall

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Plates! One would never associate them with anything else other than food and eating out of- however, these guys have been popular from time to time on walls as wall decor. Here are few of the walls in my home and my personal collection.

Love Letters (no, like a, B, c...not mail) ! Always such a nice way to personalize a house.

.....and these ones- straight out of a thrift store. I must have got them for under 100Rs each (Hush! I have the neighbours thinking its vintage and worth $$$$)

above pictures: si si..Sona Reddy

as for all you lovelies wondering how to hang a plate, date back to my previous post  how to hang a plate? Simple eh?! Also, remember this?


Housed a Boat yesterday.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Just back from a fabulous quick break from Cochin. Was super lucky to have had an opportunity on a houseboat for a day. Those boats are magical.


a. so much peace
b. amazing visuals- birds, trees, water, landscapes, sunset, .....and more
c. food; it all boils down to that even if you are all about something else
d. all of the above

yup...D it is.

pictures: moi

Room Therapy

Friday, 10 January 2014

We had a long week and just finished Room Therapy's vinatge themed product photo shoot. Here is one picture of our set up. 

product preview will soon be available on

a little bit of Morroco

Monday, 6 January 2014

I am going to sound cliche now, when I say I have been fascinated with Morocco. I fall in love with too many things too easily, and you guys know that. So, the deal breaker is the fact that I love how similar Morocco is to India. Well, so is Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and here and there and that and this- but Morroco is a little special. Don't you think?

for the inside/mind/soul

and now for when we step outside

 To make your own Morrocon corner you need

Moroccon trays
Moroccon lamps
Drapes for the Ceiling

pictures: spotted here
and of course  el ramla hamra