Make your own Terrarium

Thursday, 25 April 2013

I happened to find a fun glass jar a few weeks ago and wanted to fill it with decorative accessories or pebbles- nice but a little boring right! Meanwhile, I came across TERRARIUMS. It is in simple words a small glass garden or as some others may say, a perfect example of how the Eco system works. The temperature inside is controlled by a very basic principle. Read more here.  My job here is to help you make your space beautiful. Lets leave the science apart for now and learn how to make one. 

You need:
  • a glass container with a top preferably
  • pebbles
  • charcoal- a thin layer
  • moss
  • soil
  • assortment of plants- succulent plants would be great

What you do:
  • layer container with materials 2-5 in the exact order
  • plant plants, the tallest in the center.
  • water the container
  • cover the soil with marble chips or small pebbles
  • seal terrarium with cover.



Maintain your terrarium.

• No direct sunlight.
• No over watering your terrarium. if you see too much water on the walls, wipe it down

• When the plants start to droop, water your terrarium then

Photos: Room Therapist
Execution: Sukanya Reddy ( my mother-in-law with the super green thumb)
Did you enjoy making one? Are you making one? Already made one? Let me know. Leave your comments for me!


  1. For somebody like me with no garden at home, this is such an amazing idea !!

  2. Absolutely, its a great center piece for someone who has a garden too. You can never get tired of green right?


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