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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We all know god is in the details. What we don't do often is use these little details to make our spaces beautiful. Here are a few examples of the simplest things in life, that are the most gorgeous design elements. 

These are a few of my favorite "simple" things or SIMPLE THERAPY in our language!


The reason this rod appeals to me is the simplicity in the design. How many times do we pay attention to that rod that hangs our towel. It's pretty in itself and yet so so simple.

An old unused boat, with the paddle lined up against the wall and a small vintage style window to create that cozy corner you and me want. .

This antique wooden spoon used to scoop spice out earlier; now used as a fruit bowl. Gorgeously simple!

 oh these old wooden chairs!

The above two pictures are my personal favorites
hibiscus in the stone urli (Kerala's traditional decorative vessel) and the basava(stone cow), cant stop wanting them for my own house

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