festive spirit

Friday, 27 December 2013

eleven pm, the day after X'mas and four days left to touch the New YEAR and this is exactly how I feel! How you ask? Like this, colourful, crazy, happy, sad, anxious, thrilled. Now, I can sit here for another 20 hours and tell you why sad? why colourful? why that and why this- but I'd rather show you through Rikki Snyder's photographs. Man! I love this photographer- what an eye for detail! I spotted her first on houzz a long time ago and on anindiansummer a while ago, love at first sight for moi.

Table Decor

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Anisha of Theme My Party and I decided to put together a special for this holiday season. Table decor for the holiday season. Well, its not just for the holiday season. I am sure you can use some of this as an inspiration for all of next year; until we "tip" you more. Here's what we did - Anisha styled the table with some of the accessories from Room Therapy and with her personal collection of  X'mas decor and not to forget; her eye for detail.

And we gave it a little twist, we chose blue instead of the usual, just to spice it up a bit. Approve?

Anisha is super with decor and detail. She pays attention to the minor things and makes any space come alive. You can contact her here 

and for all the accessories used here, you know where to contact us- that's right Room Therapy

Good Homes Art Week

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Couple a weeks ago, I was in Mumbai and was fortunate to attend a gallery hop; part of the Good Homes magazine's art week. First off, it was a great experience to meet other bloggers and interact about art, decor, Mumbai ......and more. What was more exciting was visiting various art galleries around Colaba with Elise, of Asia Art Projects and talking to the curators themselves. I must say, some of the galleries have done such a great job with the display and overall ambiance. I am not too much of an art person- but was still able to appreciate a lot of it that evening. Definitely want to say- kudos to the Good Homes Magazine's team for putting in so much effort to promote art in the city.

Pictures: Binisha Ajmera, GoodHomes

Even though it was a bit overwhelming, what remained with me after the art walk was artist Gopikrishna's paintings at Art Musings gallery curated by Sangeeta Chopra. 

Marriage of Fishes

Above Pictures: Moi

lets keep it clean

Monday, 9 December 2013

I have always believed in keeping it white (beige/light grey too) and basic and adding colour as we go. It's almost a design mantra that I follow and I have to admit- it does work really well. I spotted these lovely interior shots on one of my favorite blogs allthingsnice  from the portfolio of kimberly genevieve. Lovely shots, beautifully done up spaces and basic interiors with detailed accents.

Raja-rani ki kahani

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

in a land far far away, there lived a king and his beautiful queen
the king was strong and the queen was ....

Well, well, I would have told you the whole story and what they did and how their beautiful daughter eventually got married; but I thought I'll leave it to the guests in my house to decide the story they want to prescribe. 

Small makeover in my powder room, with a Raja- Rani (king & queen) theme.

So,THIS is how its all started. I found a bunch of old post cards which were painted in traditional styles during my last visit to Jaipur. Luckily soon enough I found old stamp paper/agreement papers that had kings and queens and their whole troop hand painted on one side in an antique store in Delhi.

RESULT: easy/pretty framed wall arts

we have some fun table and x'mas decor coming up for this holiday season, 
stay tuned