Raja-rani ki kahani

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

in a land far far away, there lived a king and his beautiful queen
the king was strong and the queen was ....

Well, well, I would have told you the whole story and what they did and how their beautiful daughter eventually got married; but I thought I'll leave it to the guests in my house to decide the story they want to prescribe. 

Small makeover in my powder room, with a Raja- Rani (king & queen) theme.

So,THIS is how its all started. I found a bunch of old post cards which were painted in traditional styles during my last visit to Jaipur. Luckily soon enough I found old stamp paper/agreement papers that had kings and queens and their whole troop hand painted on one side in an antique store in Delhi.

RESULT: easy/pretty framed wall arts

we have some fun table and x'mas decor coming up for this holiday season, 
stay tuned

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