Akila Chungi Pottery

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Blogs help people meet people- true story. This has happened to me several times over the last few months now and its a fantastic way to connect. They/people like the same things as me and some are so good with what they do- it's truly inspiring. 
So Akila Chungi walked into my blogger life one day and showed me around her work. One word- Amazing! Akila specializes in ceramics that are a visual treat and joy to use. I have seen each one of her products in detail and even bought a few - fell in love instantly.

"Influenced by the issues arising within myself and around me, my works in clay are quite a symbolic representation of the thoughts I desire to address. My work also converse of a vernal metamorphic mind that has devoted itself to a freshly discovered passion, with each creation bearing either a speck of a thought or a whole deluge of perception"- Akila Chungi

for more details, message us here or check out Akila's blog

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