chair makeover

Sunday, 23 March 2014

          don't mean to sound like an info-mercial you have a dull boring chair you bought when you were newly married or when you were in college or a chair that has been just lying around??? you want to throw it away but don't really feel like it?! well; see what I discovered.

the dull chair alias BEFORE

the makeover alias AFTER


spotted this inspiration at ariad neat home
its is pretty simple...really simple

1. buy a slip cover or make you're own
2. print out the stencil in the size you require
3. cut out the cloth in the shapes on the stencil 
4. stick it with fabric glue or stitch it up neatly

new fashionable chair at your disposal

Grass is Greener....

Thursday, 20 March 2014

grass is pretttteh green on the other side! don't you think? 

I have always bumped into fabulous houses in other countries with so much Indian elements in them. Ironic no? I for one- can't takeout the Indian in me when it comes to decor. I think its the colours, the textures, the patterns and the silk and the cotton; that I cannot get out of my head. I love contemporary- of course I do; but I think that its the details that will always matter. 

yeah! god is in the DETAIL.

and this time we spotted interior designer Amber Lewis's house on Cush & Nooks. What can I say? Just pure jealous.