Fifty at the Flea {part III}

Thursday, 26 September 2013

21.Pretty Ceramics

what/where/when: You don't need to have a particular use in mind while buying these

22. Little Things

where/when/what: there is always something your little one

23.  Rossette Moulding

where/when/what: I had a few ideas, however we like your inputs and ideas
go here to enter our contest

24. Handprinted Art

where/what/when: you don't have to spend millions to buy good looking art, these pretty hand printed animals, would make a great treat to your eyes on any wall

25. Handprinted Art Again

where/what/when: these can even go into your bathroom without loosing any lustre. love!

26. Antique Tin Boxes

where/what/when: its always a great idea to have pretty storage

27. Handprinted Art

where/what/when: how often do you find hand mirrors any more, grab them when you see them

28. Handmade Art Prints

where/what/when: wall decor

29.  Bite size Planters

where/what/when: not really bite size but cute enough to adorn your kitchen or bathroom or even your coffee table

29.  BuckWheat Pillows

where/what/when: how fun is that?

30.  Colourful Rugs

where/what/when: hang on your wall if not on your floor

31.  Old Maps

where/what/when: its such a great conversation starter when up in a living room wall

29.  Art

where/what/when:there's always a ton of that {much better option than stocking up on IKEA prints}

29.  Concept Ceramics

where/what/when: use these animal/city themes ceramics by your bedside table or on your office desk. love the pastel shades

30.  Ceramics with Attitude

where/what/when: great table decor

and the last 15 will be up tomorrow

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