Fifty at the Flea {part I}

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fifty of my favorite flea finds.

This last weekend I happened to be at one of Brooklyn's Saturday flea market. I wish I could bring half of them back. Look at these amazing finds and tell me you don't want to be a flea market junkie as well. I am going to do 10 a day- just so that we can both enjoy them one at a time.

    1. Sculpted Plant Hangers

where/what/how: hang them in your kitchen or balcony, need to be dipped in a bowl once a week to keep them fresh and pretty.

 click here for more details:BK BUMPKIN 

2. Industrial Table

where/what/when: I would use this by my couch/bed, display a great looking piece of sculpture on it

 3. Old Frames with Art

where/what/when: instant touch of vintage in your house

4. Antiques

where/what/when: camera from the 60's, tire ashtray- which was made popular Goodyear back in the day, old dialer telephone

 5.Wooden Letters

where/what/when: hang then with your pictures, buy all 26 and teach your kids alphabets or decorate their rooms or just paint them and leave your initials on a coffee table

 6. Rocking Chair

where/what/when: well apart from sitting on it, it can just make a cozy corner double cozy. Change the upholstery or paint it a different colour for a new look 

click here for more details: Torch & Crown

 7. Ladder Stands
where/what/when: put them in your bathroom to hang towels or use as a book rack or a stand.

love love love this one!

 8.Fancy Victorian Dressing Table

where/what/when: I would use it in my foyer or just outside my bathroom. What not to love with a piece of furniture with a mirror and storage right?

 9. Steel Straws for Mason Jars

where/what/when: sip on water all day, guess what: they are dishwasher safe too.

 10 .Decorative Jar & Lid

where/what/when: could be just decorative or used as a vase.  Click here for inspiration.

Will be back with TEN more FLEA FINDS tomorrow. 

For all those lucky people who live in and around Brooklyn, don't forget to check out brooklynflea. For the rest of us in India and other places, we are happy to get inspired! Aren't we?

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