Fifty at the Flea {part II}

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Continued from yesterday....

11. Hand Painted Jars

where/what/when: I would use them to store jewelery or just adorn by book shelf

12. Toy Car- Antique/Junk

where/what/when: its just really cool, beacuse of how old it is. I'm sure we can find use for it. Just on top of my head- use it in the garden or balcony around planters and put a flowerpot in it as well

13. Mason Jars.

where/what/when: you do get them in stores, however- the prices here are a steal. Pintrest has a whole bunch of ideas that you can test

14. Distressed Door

where/what/when: old doors converted into shelves. Absolutely love the textures on some of them.

15. Rustic Bench
where/what/when: for your balcony, garden, living- where ever you want to sit

16. Signage Inspiartions
where/what/when: have a store, garage sale, pop up restaurant- use this idea for your signage

17. Rustic Table and Buckets

where/what/when: again, great as an outdoor bar counter and use the buckets for cold beer or trash or simply convert them into planters

18. Copper Fire Extinguisher
where/what/when: umbrella stand/planter

19.Painted Mirror

where/what/when: for the wall in your bar; if you need to quickly throw on that red lipstick- you could use this mirror too

20. Frames

where/what/when:  again, one of my favorite accessory. Make a set and put them up by them selves or put pictures or art or I'd say pluck some favorite pages of your favorite novel and frame away!

coming up tomorrow.....

more flea finds!

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