Sunday, 21 April 2013

The first time I payed attention to a gift wrapped present was when I was between 5-10 years old. I'm almost positive that all of you reading this post will be able to identify "that one time" when you got a gift or two and couldn't wait to tear the wrapping away. I for sure grew up in an age where we weren't big on wrapping gifts. And then came this transformation phase where gifts were wrapped- well with ugly wrapping sometimes/most-times. Anyways, now I'm at a point- where I cant do without wrapping a gift and I am bent upon wrapping it well, I like to add a bow or a flower or something to make it more desirable. Something about it; even if it is a box of cookies or a bottle of wine, there's something about wrapping them before gifting! I met one of the most creative genius last month in Pune. Miss WRAPISTRY herself- Amruta Walvekar. She brought a bunch of boxes to show me as we sipped on some tea and I was in love. Again, you have to see it to believe it! She has the eye when it comes to the colors, textures, font, ribbon and many more details. I know its a small thing but that's what we like at room therapy: small additions BIG difference. She makes gift boxes in many different sizes and retails them at selected stores and takes orders and custom makes them too. You have to see these gorgeous pieces of art to agree with everything I have said above,if you wish to learn the art, Wrapistry will be in Hyderabad on 27th April 2013 to conduct a Gift wrapping and bow making workshop.

The good news is Amruta has been kind enough to grace Hyderabad with her presence and teach us how to master the art of wrapping. 

 (the above few pictures are from WRAPISTRY's last workshop)
 I hope you enjoyed/enjoy WRAPPING THERAPY!

Amruta at a workshop
photo: Joesph Radhik 

Mail her at info@wrapistry.com or call 98239 81810 for more information

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