richa & GREECE!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I think that this photographer has had a great impact on me personally. I started looking at myself a little differently. I mean it! Don't get me wrong, but that is the power of a photographer. They show you simple, daily life things and details you never see before. And then when you see it- you see how beautiful it/she/he is and you begin to notice those details more. I met Richa two days before my wedding. She was part of the team that was shooting my wedding. Full of energy and talent. I knew I was in good hands the minute we had talked and after she showed me some pictures she was clicking of my sangeet - I was convinced even more! Richa is an Architect and a self taught photographer.  I saw the following pictures and knew it was high time I post about her and her work. The reason these set of photos entice me is because; one-stating the obvious its brilliant photography, two-it is impeccable architecture through a photographers lens. 

Not to forget to mention, an architect who is a photographer is going to give you a clear picture of Greece and what the architecture has to offer. 


Want to see more of her work, go here.
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  1. Aaaahhhh!!! Thank you Sona for being super super kind! I don't think I deserve so many nice things to be said about me, but thanks a ton anyway. So glad you liked the pictures- then and now :) :)

  2. you deserve it and you are very welcome! :)


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