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Monday, 11 November 2013

Announcement: All the fortunate people who live in NY- this post is a treat. 

I stumbled upon this store while I was searching for the some pancakes and coffee; only to realize they have a bunch of them around the city. My blog is 9 months old now and during this courtship, you should have figured me and my love for old things. Imagine my excitement when I land in a store called "old good things" with a ton of old things reused to create some of the most fascinating furniture your space will house - I did sh-reek and hold my hands up on my mouth like Miss World {no that didn't happen guys, very close though}. Anyways, lets go back to decor, the point I was trying to make is - this stuff is amazing. Very inspiring for us unfortunate souls, who don't live in NY. Hopefully, we can make our own furniture.

figurines and wall art
anchor chains that have been reused for a coffee table, lamp, side stand

tin ceiling panels found in most New York buildings restored/painted and reused as mirror frames and wall art

if you live in NY and want to buy any of these here's the address
pictures by moi

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