Thursday, 16 July 2015

This project is super dear to me.I had so much fun working on it because of who i was doing it for. 

fact file (insert that "khat khat" type writer noise as you read)

  • clients: 2 photographers who also have other professions 
  • project:fine art print boutique
  • timeline: few months ( i really mean few)
  • special: i was pregnant through out, so i worked with a lot of pregnant friendly/natural materials (true story) which could be sourced easily
  • budget: affordable ( i know this has different definitions, lets say most of us would agree)
  • background: old house needed a facelift (but long story short - just look at the old pictures)

B  E  F  O  R  E

 and the transformation is as follows

A  F  T  E  R


  1. I must say really drastic change seen, you have changed it at your best and it is appreciable.

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