Blue Peace

Thursday, 14 February 2013


I figured you guys will be tired with all the red and pink after today. So, I decided to give your eyes some therapy. I've heard from multiple sources that the colour blue is a good choice for the interiors. It gives a sense of freshness, authority and also adds elegance. Feng shui experts claim that blue and green are the most therapeutic colours. These colours make us feel calm, balanced and less emotional (less emotional!!!! I'm sure if my husband reads this post, my entire house will be painted blue by tomorrow). It's true though. Remember the lemonade picture in my last post? Ahhhh! Colour THERAPY it is.....

1. Cushions: Good Earth  2. Coasters: Good Earth  3. Flower Candle Stand: Address Home 4. Piggy bank and Dragon Fly Frame: Flea Market, Goa 5. Tall Blue Candle Stand: Fab India


  1. can you tell me what i can do if i want to pimp my room with blue..?? i want it to be more funky than elegant..

  2. 1. collect a bunch of photographs from college or now...get them framed with a blue frame, make a collage with that. Refer
    2. get blue window treatment aka- curtains
    3. throw some pillows and sheets on your bed that match the curtains
    4. start collecting anything that you fancy- which is blue and put them together at a corner in your room

    mail me if you have more queries:

  3. is that your house?Looks lovely :)


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