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Saturday, 16 February 2013

my pretty cheese knives

We are not a country big on wine and cheese, but we are getting there. After my short stint in Los Angeles; where there are constant streams of wine and cheese festivals - I got hooked. And then my journey of reading, tasting, discovering wine and more wine and little bit about cheese started. Besides all that, I have often noticed that there are super creative ways to serve cheese. I have a confession to make about cheese, it tastes good and is amazing when paired with the right kind of wine and all that jazz, but hey; who are we kidding here...cheese is UGLY. However, you can use a fun cheese tray like mine and pair it with pretty cheese knives and deliver this look. Don't forget to line up a bunch of grapes to make it look gourmet. Mine was custom made and gifted to me by my friend as a wedding gift. Liking cheesy THERAPY?

my patriotic cheese tray ......what a twist you say


I found some for you guys on ETSY


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