Antique Therapy

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kochi used to be the center for spice trade in India hundreds  of years ago and was known to the Jews, Arabs and Chinese and many others. Hence you can see a mix of Portuguese, Dutch and European styles of architecture lining up the streets of Fort Kochi. I for one loved Jew town. Walking down this street gave me a shrill down my spine. The street has a lot to offer, from antique and curios to spice stores. What I heart the most are the shops which sell curios, antique pieces of crockery, furniture, statues and remains of traditional houses. This one particular store called LEEN EXPORTS, caught my attention. All I am going to say is that my husband who doesn't fancy furniture and decor stuff had his head dipped deep in this store. So much history, so much tradition, so much culture oozing through all the things displayed. We couldn't help but buy a few things for our home. Jose Mathew, the owner of the store told us that the store used to be a spice warehouse and is 200 years old. The ambiance of the store is warm thanks to the history it has on its own and the things inside are priceless. I will be posting on how I used some of these in our home, but for now see for yourself while I present to you Antique Therapy!

Here's a glimpse of the old structure, which used to be the spice warehouse has a jetty at the back which made loading to the goods boats an easy task. The high ceiling and the wooden trusses that hold up the roof is definetly a pretty picture.

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  1. Hey Sona
    Those paintings are Ravi Verma's !!!Any idea how much they would cost ? My granny's place we have plenty

  2. Wow, that's awesome. I don't know the exact amount but I can find out for you if you send me pictures.


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