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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I promised a back story for this gorgeous cupboard and here it is. Couple of things to know about this DIY, is that its a lot of fun, easy, simple -which by now you know is our mantra, makes a great accent furniture. You can use it in many different ways and I found you some relevant inspirations. Hope you guys like this post as much as Keerthi liked putting it together. As usual, photos by moi!

Keerthi fought the summer heat and decided to go shopping for this piece of furniture, with the hope to convert it into her bar for her chic apartment. She bought it for Rs 1800 and transformed this old cupboard into a fun piece of furniture. Here's how:

What you need:

Step 1
  • paint/polish remover
  • gloves
  • brushes
  • sand paper
Apply the paint remover on the cupboard and let it dry for a minimum of 45 minutes. Use sand paper to strip it off paint or polish in order to reach its original texture.

Step 2
  • enamel paint in the colour you want
  • primer
  • brushes
  • turpentine
Apply the primer first and let it dry. Apply two coats of paint over the primer and let it dry overnight. Sand paper the cupboard at the areas where you feel there is maximum contact eg. near the drawers, the top, neat the handles.





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these pictures are from houzz, one of my favorite sites

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  1. love it! can you share the details of where the cupboard was picked up from as well? am assuming its in hyderabad

  2. Thanks :). It is in Hyderabad, however every city has its own set of stores which buy and sell old stuff. Let me know which city in India and I can help you out with where to look.

  3. Hi
    Love this post! Can you tell me where in B'lore you can find furniture like this? Thanks a ton!:)


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