Sunday, 5 May 2013  another interesting feature on some of the streets of Amsterdam.Graffiti??? You ask me! How is this relevant to decor?!? I don't blame you. Often, Graffiti is associated with crazy, eccentric people painting their hearts out. Well, for the most part it is that, but honestly it is a lot of fun. I had done some graffiti in my bathroom a long time ago and my mom was pretty upset, and I had to wash it down with turpentine. Moms!! I should refrain from saying anything further with mother's day around the corner! If only I had saved a picture of it to share now. Anyways, here's some serious graffiti  on the exterior facades followed by some great rooms with walls of the same.

I was lucky to watch this artist at work.

And here's how you van use them in your space


Not too shabby after all right? I suggest you put some tarp down,grab some spray paint and get on to some Graffitti Therapy! 
The first six pictures are by moi and the inspired rooms are from houzz.
You can find more about these rooms herehere,here and here
Like my ideas, have some better ones? 
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