big boys den 1: the WALL

Friday, 14 June 2013

Although my husband is usually pretty supportive of my work, he usually complains that every room in the house has some feminine feature. He thinks I will prove to be a good decorator when the boys pay attention to the elements as well. Oh boy! I didn't really take up that challenge- I'm too happy with pretty things around me/us. However, I decided to work on a room just for the husband and the boys to hang (read: i want the drunk boys to stay away from the pretty stuff that can break ). 

Project 1: Lets do up the WALL in the room

Here I used multiple type,size frames. Old advertisement prints- bought some, printed some. Quotes on wood. Caricatures of my husband :). Old cycle tyre. Voila!

 Planning and Execution.

Word ART: where i remind the husband important things in life !!

Completed Project

All pictures and ideas are copyright of moi : MORE ROOM THERAPY
kidding about copyright of the ideas- let me know when you use it though.

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  1. awesome it looks.... it was wonderful to meet you at the exhi... much love

  2. Thanks. Great talking to you as well :)


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