Trunk 101

Friday, 19 July 2013

A lot of my clients or a people who contact me are young people. They love the idea of always making a space look fun with a pop of colour. I think our generation needs a break from computer screens and boring cubicles. A good friend of mine Radhika, painted this old trunk for a class project. The theme was India. I love the colours, the concept and the use that you get out of it. What I forgot to do was throw in a few books and show you guys what a great storage space it makes. What we adore the most is that this funtional piece is going to make any space come to life in a jiffy. 

I have a sequel to this topic. Stay tuned. More Trunk Therapy coming up soon.


PS: if you guys are free this weekend. try painting a trunk- should be a fun project

Design and Execution: Radhika Pitti
Pictures: Moi

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  1. I love this! Brings back nostalgic memories of the big trunks we used to haul to college and back....what paints are used on it?



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