New York House Tour

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Second house tour in a fortnight .

 I love house tours. Especially when the home owner/renter puts in so much effort to do up every nook and corner- just like this one. 

My friend had posted a picture of her cousin's blue couch on Instagram. The minute I saw it; I knew we had a future.....YEAH! All the way from New York, moreroomtherapy in association with my friend and her cousin present to you a house with so much soul!

eclectic living room with hand painted art by Nita's mom; awesome blue couch; must say I love the cushions very much too

tchotchke tray; courtesy: travel finds

embroidered lamp from a street fair

table for two; table cloth from India

1 desk and 1 chair; love the colours of the table and lamp

jewellery stop

thrift store bar stools

Thanks for the pics & the captions Rach and Nita.
Thanks Nita for letting me post about your lovely home.
Much appreciated!


  1. Such an awesome apartment. I love all of the colors, use of space, and personality!!

    1. I agree. It is warm and welcoming. I would love to come back home to this apartment.

  2. Its so colorful! Loved the blue is my dream couch. Right now I am cheating the look by using blue upholstery in my house. I loved the fact that even thought they have used so many colors, it not looking over the top :)

  3. One more thing I forgot to add....I love your blog. Its so pretty :)

    1. Thanks Soujanya :)

      This house is super adventurous in terms of colours used. That's the thing though- making it all come together is the key

  4. Hey Sona, great post... this is a beautiful apartment.... and thanks Nita for sharing your lovely home with us

    1. Thanks so much Shalini. You have a great blog yourself- in fact I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. Thanks for stopping by


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