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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I am ecstatic. This post is my 140th post and today is moreroomtherapy's ONE year anniversary. It was on this day 12 months ago that I wrote my first post. To this day, it has been one of the best decisions of my life. No no no......! I am not at all a dramatic person; barring the occasional days I rehearse and perform on stage.  

 It's just that this blog has brought me so much money, fame and happiness {only the later one is fully true and the fame part is not a lie}. Seriously though, blogging has been super fun. Apart from decor tips, I love posting the DIY's and posting about my travels. It's almost like I look forward to writing a new post. It's been a great journey. I am truly grateful to all my diligent followers. I will be posting some pictures of the best posts from last year, but for now I decided to reminisce my very first post bottles and decor.  And to dedicate to this awesome post- I present to you - More Bottle Therapy!

 This is almost the most easy DIY, i have done till date. All you need is:
  • bottles (as many as you want)
  • enamel paint - any colour [Yes! Asian Paints would be the best-est option, those guys really know how to help you make your home beautiful]
  • syringe (ya, the one's doctors and nurses use..bigger the better)
  • turpentine and a waste cloth 

So here's what you do.
  • fill the syringe with enamel paint
  • push it into the bottle and release the paint
  • turn the bottle around to spread the paint
  • drip the excess paint off and clean up the patches of excess paint with the turpentine
  • let the bottles dry in the sun and preferably for 24 hours or more 
  • add your favorite accessories; flowers/photos/candles  

bottles drying to look their best

And just like that we spent hardly any money and achieved more bottle therapy.These bottles are great as center pieces, scattered around the house, indoors- outdoors, in bathrooms. Asian Paints Home Soloutions enables you to  make your home beautiful! Don't you think?

 don't you love it?! that makes two of us now!
pictures: i took them and ashwin edited them


  1. congratulations on completing one year blogging. This blog has shaped beautifully :) .
    It is a joy to read.. and a treat to my senses :)
    Great going Sona

    1. thanks so much Divyaa. Such a treat to my eyes when I see comments like this :). I've mentioned this before - but that's what keeps me going. So glad! x


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