Room Therapy- THE STOR(e)Y

Sunday, 20 July 2014

I have been slacking with blogging- you won't believe how much. I promise I have a very very valid excuse. You guys won't believe but I do have at least 20 posts that I need to share. Meanwhile here's what I have been up to for the last one and a half years. My dream project, the home decor store that I have put together with all my heart and soul - which is now complete and opened on the 13th of July. For those of you in Hyderabad, please do come. Details at the bottom of this post. In the next few posts, I will be walking you through the process of the construction, the interiors and much more. Stay tuned and talk to me. I want to hear all about what you guys think.

With the attempt to help everybody have a beautiful home I started Room Therapy in a small room called the studio at home and after two long years of hard work, sweat and whatever else it takes I now have a store that was my dream but also a space which is not only an inspiration but a place to just come an experience and feel good. In my next few posts I will be breaking up the store into various elements and walk you through the process of building it. For now- lets look at the whole picture.

 I promise I will be back with more this time. Have a great week my lovelies. For those of you in Hyderabad the store is on:

Road No 45, Jubilee Hills
Call us on 9666684066 or 040-64442200 for details and directions.


  1. The store looks drop dead gorgeous, well planned and stunning displays. I am so glad I found this blog today, and I'm here to stalk your posts :-) I'm based in Blore, but am definitely visiting your store if I make it to Hyd.

    1. Ambika, thanks much for the kind words. I'd be happy to have you visit the store. Thanks for writing to me as well :)


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