Blue Pottery

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I went a little off from Jaipur last week. I was waiting to figure somethings out for the benefit of you guys and me. Anyways, back to Jaipur; Blue Pottery originated in Persia and was passed on to India. One of the most prominent names that goes with blue pottery is Mr Kriphal Singh. You guys can read more about it here. These guys have saved blue pottery from extinction and I got a preview of it. Its a simple process, but its an art in itself- you know why? You need a lot of patience, so much of it ...that I have a feeling, it's going to get extinct

You must know by now, that I love having a piece of anything beautiful I see. Greedy..I know!  Remember this? I am still working on my office and here's how I used my Blue Pottery.

If you would like to read more about Blue Pottery in Jaipur, 
read  this or watch this

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