Hang a Plate

Monday, 4 March 2013

Once I decided I wanted to hang plates on the wall, I looked it up to find this and this. Well, not too bad, not too shabby. But... we don't have a Home Depot or Handyman or all those good hardware store in India; or lets just say we don't hang plates very often- so no technology supporting the cause. I finally found this on Martha's site and decided to give it a shot. Well, I changed my version up a bit to make it super secure- I cant afford to break these, specially since they are going extinct. Here's to some plate hanging THERAPY!

you need: 

18 gauge  iron wire , pliers, the plate

1. cut the wire 3" longer than the diameter of your plate

2. make two V's  with a loop in each

3. take one V and insert into the other and bend the 2 V's on the plate

4. press the wires down on the 4 sides and cut the extras

5. adjust the wires, hold it up over a pillow to check if sturdy 

6. hang it and enjoy

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