Continuing Chalkboard Love!

Monday, 25 March 2013

I took on this weekend project and it was super fun. You remember my last post and the one before that-of course you do.  All those amazing chalk-boarding and the tyre! Well, this project is divided into two, sequel of the above two.

Project 1
After one of our regular reader's (Nishitha) mentioned I should paint the tyre before using it- I worked upon it and found a solution, thanks to my husband. Very simple, as usual. 

You need: Tyre polish -easily available in any auto-store. Costs about INR 220, a brush, some water to clean up. Wash the tyre, apply the polish with a brush and Voila! Brand new (looking) tyre.

Project 2
To make your own chalkboard,you need: plywood board or any other unpolished wood surface, sand paper, chalkboard paint, brush, thinner

1.Sand paper the plywood to make it smooth
2.Get rid of all the dust on the board
3.Apply the paint and let it dry- dries super fast
4.Paint another coat after about 4 hours, more coats of paint = more smoother finish.

And now you have a brand new tyre-chalkboard coffee table. Its a fun element to have in the kids room or for adults. Use it to serve cheese, play games or even leave notes for each other


  1. Thanks for trying out the paint idea Sona. The chalk board surface looks so slick I tell u. I always wanted to have black boards in fun shapes around my house for scribbling ideas. So now I know how to get them made. Awesome DIY!

  2. The chalkboard idea is awesome, and looks easy too! I must try it!

  3. Great. looking forward to seeing pictures when you try it out Smitha.


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