Thursday, 28 March 2013

HOLI, (as cliche as cliche can get) is the festival of colours. Whats not to love about this festival?! Colours-organic,food- jalebi, jamoon, chaat, thandai, music, dance. Its one of my favorite festivals. So much joy, so much excitement, so much colour...Hard to not be inspired. Read more about HOLI.

It was a small gathering with close friends who'se efforts came together to make a super fun HOLI. Pictures: Suman Chakri

here's how easy the decor is to make:
you need: twine, letters printed and cut in the desired shape, stapler- if your lazy/glue- if you are a perfectionist

as for the streamers, bunch them up (8-10 streamers) and staple them on the branches of the tree

Thankyou HyderabadGoesGreen for the organic colours

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