Monday, 24 June 2013

I went here in college, went here when I was working and then when I got engaged and still go here now. Love this place. I overuse the word love on my posts sometimes. But, I do promise to cut it down after I finish telling you about Infinitea. This places sells tea. Super simple. So the decor is completely TEA-ish.  The posters that decorate the walls, the tea storage, the graffiti in the corners- all scream TEA. Kind of a very cool, kitsch setting I must say. I love {last time I promise} the hour glass timers and the tea pots they use. I feel that sometimes the aesthetics of a place gets enhanced with the way they serve and use normal things in a new style. What say?

This is new and some sort of a paper art. Super tempted to try and make it one of our DIY's. If I do- you'll obviously hear about it.

Photo Credits: Ashwin Kireet & moi


  1. Infinitea- Tops the list in my favourite places of bangalore :).. Nice one Sona..


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