Necessity is the mother.......

Friday, 28 June 2013

This has been by far the easiest and most exciting DIY on my blog. So easy and so much fun that I wanted one for every room.  Ok, ok........ I know you hear overexcited and overkill in my tone. But, if I don't say these things, you guys wont get how awesome these are to make and then use everyday.

I saw this on pintrest, and read up a little about it. The lady who brought this to the world's notice made them because her husband couldn't stand artificial room freshners. Talk about- invention is the mother of necessity. Kudos to women power! Go here to see the detailed story and scroll down to see my version.

Step 1. Collect few mason jars/bottles of the size you like

Step 2: Pick a flavor you like.

Option 1: Oranges, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves

 Option 2: Lime, Rosemary

Option 3: Room Therapy's contribution to the world; we call it  APPLE PIE.

Apple, Cinnamon, Pure Vanilla essence- I would have loved a vanilla pod {oh well}

Step 3: Throw some floating candles in the mix


Pictures, Styling: More Room's Therapist

Have more ideas for what we can use? Do let me know

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